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Top 10 Energy Saving Tips

1. Keep an eye on your energy usage
One of the easiest ways you can be more energy efficient is to keep an eye on what you’re using and target the appliances using the most energy.

Energy monitors are useful to track your energy usage and highlight wasteful, inefficient appliances. Purchasing one will cost between £50 - £100, which could pay for itself in energy savings over the year.

2. Switch Off standby
Appliances left on standby like mobile phones, laptops and iPod chargers still use energy to keep them powered down. Simply switching off and unplugging items on standby is a great way to be more energy efficient.

Larger items like televisions will consume more power, so if you can switch it off, you could be in for some big savings.

3. Don’t over fill your kettle
Overfilling the kettle is a big energy waster. More water means more energy and time to boil it. Wasted energy boiling an overfilled kettle in just one week can power a TV for a full day!

Save energy by boiling just the amount you need and save yourselves around 90 seconds in boil time.

4. Check your thermostat
Your hot water thermostat should be set to 60°c/140°f, and turning down your central heating by 1°c can reduce your heating bills by 10%. That’s a real quick win!

5. Make sure you fully load
If you're using your dishwasher or washing machine make sure you do a full load. Turn your washing machine down to thirty degrees and you’ll not only get a really good wash but you’ll save a lot of energy.

6. Shower vs Bath
If a family of 4 replaces 1 bath a week with a 5 minute shower, they could save up to £18 a year on gas bills and up to £21 on water bills (if a water metre is installed).

7. Fit energy efficient light bulbs
Typically 8% of your annual electricity bill is spent on lighting your home which provides a great opportunity to find ways to be more energy efficient.

A simple and cost-effective way to save energy in your home is to fit energy efficient bulbs. They are inexpensive to buy and widely available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

8. Keep the heat in - insulate
Keeping the heat inside will stop the need to have your heating on for longer and help to be more energy efficient.

One of the cheapest ways to save energy is to stop draughts. Draught excluders for windows, doors and letterbox brushes can stop biting winds cooling down your toasty temperatures. Shutting the curtains, especially lined ones, will stop heat escaping through your windows

9. Energy grants
Talk to your energy suppliers or your local energy advisory centre. There's lots of money available for grants and financial help to install energy saving measures. There are lots of grants available for home insulation. See if you are eligible for these by visiting The Energy Savings Trust or DirectGov websites.

10. Visit www.naturalsparx.co.uk
An online store for the Professional Renewable installer offers loads of energy efficient products including Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Energy Monitors, Biomass and EV Charging from the top brands.